Saturday, October 18, 2008

Figuring This All Out

Well, the new neighborhood is pretty
I'm slowly starting to settle in
after being dragged here kicking and screaming
somehow I have my old dear Porch Stories twice
(It said the first attempt failed)
so with heart in mouth
I did it again.
Then I got this new Porch Stories
Somehow I can't find my address.
The one they gave me says
"There is no blog by this name but it is available"
The hell you say!
It's been me forever!
So I want to change my dear old name to Old Porch Stories
I want to have an address
(I still feel like I'm living in a cyber cardboard box)
and I want to talk to all my friends
Who's out there?
I found dear Paula from the country and my good old Lurkynat today!
Where's Jude from My Way?
Come to my new porch and help me read the house numbers!
I'm not as desperate as I sound
(Cue maniacal laughter in the background!)
Still a little lost,

Sunday, October 5, 2008

still trying

This is a whole new roll down the hill over here.
Like the new kid at the party,
I am looking for people I know
I'm not the kind who
runs into the room yelling
"Here I am!"
I'm more the
"There you are!" type.
So where are you?
Today is my MIL's 85th birhtday.
She is about 4foot 11 inches of feisty woman.
She could probably run me down if she had to!
She has 9 kids adn more grandkids than I can figure up in my head right now
not to mention great grand kids and general hangers-on.
Oughta be a party.
Counting Candles,

Thursday, October 2, 2008


So I guess I've moved just one step short of being evicted...hmmm
it' s happened in real life
wasn't expecting it on the internet
so what's the neighborhood like here?