Friday, January 20, 2012


Thinking today about times I flung myself into untested water And somehow missed the rocks about days I sleepwalked through And nights I was alive down to every pore wondering how they led me here And the wondering brings me peace And the wandering brought me home.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Porch Stories: Changing My Attitude

Porch Stories: Changing My Attitude

Changing My Attitude

After a night of tangled bedclothes and half dreams, I got up and went to sit with my niece Sherri while her husband was having surgery. I visited with my mom and my friend Stephanie. Mom is in a nursing home after suffering a stroke. It makes me about equal parts happy and sad to see her.
So, I get home, put on my jammies and I'm settling in with my book when, here come my children, grandson, nephew and his wife! I put on my beer drinking clothes and adjusted my attitude!

Never miss a party! I can sleep when I'm dead!
                              Holding eyes open with clothespins,

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How on Earth Did This Happen?

Tom and I have never been known for adding up pros and cons.
Calm deliberation is not our thing.
We are more the "take a running jump" kind of folks.
This time last year, we each had a job we hated and a nice little cottage in a "good" section of town.
Now we live in a battered trailer in a tiny community with our Tom's brother and sister in law, our nieces and nephews and their kids.
I am just now realizing what happened!
Oh yeah, we retired.
Half the money and twice the fun!
I'm so glad I didn't think this through, I never woulda done it and look at all I would have missed!