Saturday, December 27, 2008

Gotta Love Her

Caitlin locked the keys in the car for the fourth time today!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Christmas Story

It was good this year,
Small expectations.
small treasured moments,
We drew names which took so much of the pressure and stress off this Santa. (wow, thanks, Mariah)
We started the season with Cookiefest at Stephanie's with Dana, Paula, Caitlin, Kat, Molly and Erin. low key and cozy, as Stephanie is reeling from a divorce.
Then there was the fun but ill-fated anti consumer Christmas where we wound up with all the junk..... attended by Pat and Eileen, Terry and his granddaughter Morgan, my old next door neighbor Jutta,the fading playboy about town, Jerry, Stephanie and a numerous bunch of very well behaved teens. (at least while in view)
Then, on Christmas Eve Eve, Stacey, Craig, his son Montana , our boy Ian arrived. Stephanie
and her girls came for dinner drinks and a fire! What a cozy night. Tom played his guitar as we congratulated each other on being family.
Then on the big day, we slept late until nine, sigh, no little ones to drag us from our beds.
But Mariah and Terry brought my mom and we opened the presents Tom and I had braved the warm wet rain to buy the day before.We read the
Christmas story, ate breakfast and opened gifts in the candlelight.
Mariah bought Caitlin a lovely purple coat hat and mittens, Terry gave me a Netfix subscription, I bought Tom a great snuggly brown hoodie from CF Martin's 175 anniversay celebration.Tom got Mariah lovely crystal wind glasses and a hand blown wine stopper, Caitlin got Terry cologne and an Itunes card and boxes of a chocolate he craves. The mood was festive and sweet.
Then on to Granny's for a patented Granny hug.My neices and great neices were all excited about a trip to New Yourk after Brittany's kidney transplant.
Ern and Russell brought the star of the hour, Miss Aiden, all of 6 months old.
Poor little David who got a 4 wheeler and a swing set for Christmas, rolled off the couch and broke his collarbone!
I visited with Judy and Eileen, the best fringe benefits of my marriage, the greatest sister in laws of all time and my heros their husbands Patrick , who can (and has ) fixed everthing and David who deals with illness with quiet strength.
Then home for a snuggle on the couch with Christmas in our hearts and plans for New Years!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

And so this is Christmas

It's still as magical to me and it was when I was five and got the doll that got chicken pox.
Love to all,

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Backfiring Christmas Party

I had this great idea.
An anti-consumer Christmas party.
Everyone would bring a wrapped gift of something they no longer needed they had lying around the house and we would play Dirty Santa.
One person's trash would be another person's treasure.
We would all clear some junk out.
Well, everybody but me got rid of something!
My house is more cluttered than ever because all my friends left their crap here!
It was a major fun time though!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Getting the Tree

Tom saw this tree growing out of a crack in the sidewalk.
"It wanted to live so bad", he said.
He pulled it up, put it in a put and loved it.
Now it's our outside tree!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Catching up

Thanksgiving was great.
Everything I was thankful for in one room.
I will add pictures soon as I can find the camera.
I haven't been posting much because I want this blog to be full of things I want to remember.
Work is hell.
I want to forget my psycho principal as soon as I can.
I really think one day I just will not be able to go in.
Life goes on
So do I
Waiting for better days
trying to learn the lesson I need from this situation.
Keeping my chin up,