Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Strange Story

I am siting at my computer on Facebook
when a message pops up
"I need to talk to you"
It is from a high school friend that is now in California.
I talk to him online from time to time
He wanted my phone number.
To my surprise when I heard his voice
It was exactly the same
and in my mind's eye
I saw the gangly boy I used to sit across from
not the middle aged man in the picture on my screen.
That is the first strange thing.
It was like I had run into him at the Mall yesterday. No "How have you been?"
He asked me about a mutual online friend who also went to school with us
Turns out he had run into her
in a foreign country.
They had a torrid affair!
(Second strange thing)
and suddenly I realized nothing had ever changed
we were still 16
standing in the hallway
books in arms
asking a friend
"Do you think she likes me?"
(third weird thing, if you're keeping up)
Never think you are anonymous on the Internet
The high school gossip monster is still alive and kicking!


Lori said...

That is strange. (So, DOES she like him?;)

Paula said...

Very in- ter- est- ing!

LYN said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
hit me up on facebook!

Martha said...

Odd (but life always is ;-)
Hope you're having a happy Thanksgiving!

natalie said...

Marti I just saw your post about
the baby.. So Sorry! I knew that you wanted a grandchild!:0
Anyhow She will mis you too! Go to OPne House and other College events!
I know we will both miss the kids aton!

MyMaracas said...

That is strange. Small, small world, eh?

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

Isn't it fun to come across those you thought were gone forever. Happy to see your here and I shall follow. Take care of you my friend,