Monday, September 7, 2009

Response to Crisis

It's a lovely laid back Labor Day weekend
As it has been our custom for many years,
the Lagoonatics have gathered for Dana's birthday.
Cold beer
warm hearts
on Paula's deck
A sudden scream pierces the Florida drizzle!
We all jump to our feet and pound through the house!
We fling open the front door where our children are sitting on the front porch.
"Who's yelling?" I demand.
"You!" Caitlin replies, dumfounded.
"It's Stephanie!" Stacey shouts.
"Where is she?" We all scream at each other.
"She left hours ago!' Caitlin hollers.
"No she didn't" Dana counters.
"Stephanie, where are you?" I demand in my teacher voice.
"She cant' see in the dark! She's in the water!"Stacey shrills, waving her arms.
So we all thunder to the back deck
( where we were sitting to begin with)
and hear hysterical laughter
from the endangered Stephanie
who was locked in the bathroom
we all roared by twice!


Dawn said...

Thank goodness all was ok!!!

be well...

kbear said... sure do have some good times there:-)