Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Summer Manifesto

This is it!
I had a year from absolute HELL at school.
I am suffering from TOPUWOPS syndrome.
Tired of putting up with other people's shit!
I am going to do exactly as I please this summer!
This is official notice that I am no longer responsible for the emotional well being of the entire Mobile County!
This is what I have done so far on my summer vacation....
got a pedicure (ooh, it's like crack, once you've done it you have to have more)
ordered a Bruce Springsteen Tshirt (this is a big step for me, before my daughter shopped at Puttin on the Ritz, I shopped at Goodwill)
walked the dog
did Yoga
gone to see Paula and Dana in FL
went to a tailgate party Friday
went out to lunch at Ed's Shed Saturday (great seafood overlooking the bay)
went to the beach with Tom and Jack Sunday
went to the beach with Dell Monday
went out on a boat with Gina and Caitlin Danielle and Samantha Tuesday ( I was napping when Caitlin surged in and said"we're going on a boat" and I jumped up and replied, "where's my shoes?")

went to see my nephew Kelley and his band Fat Man Squeeze at the Blue Gill Tuesday night with the top down and the warm salt air in my hair.
Today I am having a pajama day!
I am so lovin it!


Char said...

Well, good on you! Carry on.

LYN said...


MyMaracas said...

You go girl! Enjoy yourself!

kbear's heart 2 said...

Way 2 Go! that's the way I like it too. do as I well damn please. enJOY your summer!