Monday, June 22, 2009

Piles of Toys, Church Camp and Fathers

It was a good weekend here on the Porch.
My great niece Evelyn who is 4, came to stay with me.
She is a hoot.
She pulled her nightgown off and had it stuck on her head.
"Look, Aunt Marti, I'm a Muslim!"
Like most little kids, she is up at full tilt in the mornings.
Like most people who have forgotten this because they deal with teens who sleep so long you check then for crib death, I'm kinda foggy till coffee.
She kept, "Aunt Marti I'm hungry, Aunt Marti I'm thirsty, Aunt Marti, gotta poop" till I told her she had worn out my name and she couldn't say it any more until I had waked up a bit. so, she said, "whoever you are...."
We played in the hose, we drug out old toys, we went to the park, we had ice cream.
I hope she had as much fun as Tom and I did.
Caitlin has wanted to go to church camp.
I think some Jesus would do her good,but I have no funds for this trip.
I'm trying to get her into college.
My philosophy with my kids is I will lovingly adn joyfully feed, clothe and shelter them as long as I live, but after 18, recreational activities are their responsibility.
To put it a little more crassly and honestly, after 18 years of eating beans so she could cheer, do gymnastics,leading Girl Scout troops, dance lessons, field trips, if I'm going to send anyone to camp it's gonna be me and Tom!
Plus I'm trying to teach Ms. Sweetandcute to take some responsibility.
So the church sponsers her to go!
I'm real proud of my big-eyed baby.
We went to Mariah's big new house for dinner. She has invented a dreamsicle cake made from scratch that is out of this world. She is really enjoying cooking and taking care of her house. She will show you all the drawers where the dish cloths are neatly stacked and color coded.
Where did this young woman come from?
From our house, where we are redoing our bathroom by peeling off a srip of wallpaper every time we go in there?
Tom and I passed the evening sitting in the velvet darkness on the Porch, tallking of the past and future, living in the now.
I am continually astonished at the miracles that happen each ordinary day.


Char said...

Your little neice sounds like a hoot. They can be so cute at that age...and a hand full.

Your porch sounds like peaceful place.

kbear's heart 2 said...

LOL! kids, never a dull moment!

natalie said...

dear Marti
what a sweet entry!
Sounds like you are really close to her!
how is school?
please come by and write a comment on my blog