Sunday, September 13, 2009

Love Expotentially

Sitting on the my daughter's Porch,
looking from face to well-loved face,
I started to think of how it all came about.
Tom and I fell in love
I met his brother David and loved him.
Tom and I made Mariah, whom we adored.
David married Judy, who became my sister
They created Katie, who has held my heart ever since.
Then along came Caitlin to Tom and I
Giving us a baby time again
Then Mariah brought us Terry, the son I always wanted
And Katie gave us Randall, who instantly became family.
Kinda makes you wanna dance!


Dawn said...

It's all good on the porch!

be well...

ps... does Mariah have a cigarette in her hand? Tell her to quit while she still can!

Dawn said...

I looked closer... maybe not cigarette... lol

be well...

Lori said...

That was beautiful!!

MyMaracas said...

How to grow a family. Beautiful post, filled with love.

It's Just Katie! said...

Where are you my friend! Let us know your still breathin!
Love you and yours and wishing you a nothing but the best today, tomorrow and as always..... always

Barbara said...

Miss your stories, Marti!