Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Jack

Maybe you can tell, we really love our dog.
It was a strong spiritual connection from the start.
He was all around the neighborhood for about a week, a roly poly puppy.
All waggy tail and cheer, he gave no indication he was a stray.
He didn't have that furtive humble air poor lost dogs have, he was having a good old time eating folks' garbage and creating havoc.
After seeing him around for about a week, our eyes me.
He sat and looked at me as if to say"well?"
I opened the door and said"you might as well come on in."
I feel irrevocably in love at that moment.
He has never whined, even as a puppy.
He is the happiest creature on this earth.
He is our therapist.
So when he cried trying to jump on the bed and couldn't climb the stairs, my partner on hikes and runs, my indefatigable fetcher of balls, it broke my heart.
Off we went to the vet.
I sorta knew he had hip dysplasia.
The vet said he would probably be fine, but he has to lose 20 pounds and fast.
He wants him to lose a pound a week. He really has gotten much too fat. He weighs 84 pounds. We should never have let him get so fat, but he has this face and he loves treats....
Anyway, with love, discipline and aspirin, he will be okay.
He was so good, even when the vet had to hurt him to examne him, he never tried to bite.
It is humbling to know a creature who is purely good.


Saltydawg said...

Awwwww, sending such warm and loving vibes to him.
Glad you liked my 'crappy' entry too ;-)
Gaz xxxxxx

Paula said...

I can see doggie has warmer covers then hubby. Yes I would say you love your doggie.

Dirk said...

I used to have a dog that was my hiking partner for years. He was never overweight, but when he started to have hip problems that could actually be heard as a creaking sound, my vet put him on MSM which is available at any vitamin store or Wal-mart. I eventually got the MSM with glucosamine in it. Because of the taste, I got a pill crusher & sprinkled it over his food. In about 10 days, the creaking stopped. We kept on hiking for years, & when the vet checked him out, his hip was no longer a problem. I would highly recommend it. I kept mine on it for the rest of his life, & at 10 years old we were still hiking. Hope this helps.


Barbara said...

God bless your furry friend Marty!

Indigo said...

I know that feeling, Pickles is the same way in our family. (Hugs)Indigo