Monday, January 26, 2009

A Night in Hell

Maybe I am coherent enough to write about this after 3 days have passed.
Maybe not...
Friday night about 11, I kissed Cailtin goodbye.
Since she has turned 18, she can go to the dance clubs downtown, which seems like a whole lot of fun to me. They don't open till midnight , so she is due home around 2.
She always has her phone in her hand like an 11th digit. She texts me all during the evening, telling me who's there, who is with whom and the deal is, seh always has to let me know where she is.She's a good kid, this has never been a problem.
So, I got up about 1 to wait for her.
At 2 , I called to tell her to come on home,
At 3 I was cruising the streets of downtown alone, which is precisely what I feared she was doing!
I went to the police station & l was told I couldn't' file a report until she had been missing 24 hours.
I showed her high school picture to drunks who said helpful things like"I aint seen no cheerleaders out here tonight"
One guy said, "she's hot, I'd like to see her"whereupon his friend said"you jerk, her mom is worried" and they commenced to have a fist fight.
I was so upset , I kept visualizing some maniac tying her up and torturing her while she heard my voice mails, "Mama's gonna find you, baby"
I woke up every kid that goes to Murphy or interrupted their Friday evening
I found out she was with a guy who lives in a local college dorm.
I upset campus security by driving across their soccer field.
Some one alerted the young man by banging on his door telling him there was a woman hollering his name out of her car window
Caitlin came running out the door.
I left the car door open and ran to hug her, explained the situation to the officials who were worried about their field and we went home
I told her, "no, you are not grounded. We both have the same goals. We both want you to have a good time and we both want you to live. We are just adjusting your environment so you can be successful at both those things."
She said, So, I'm grounded"
"yeah, pretty much ", I answered.
She had turned her phone off because it was dead and had fallen asleep watching a movie. So while she was all safe and relaxed, I was in grave personal danger downtown after everything was closed talking to winos!
And how is it that everyone's phone that she was with went dead at once???
Sorry Caitlin, you can't bullshit a bullshitter.


Indigo said...

I've had those nights. I don't think our kids realize the horror stories that go through our minds. I still find it amazing they think we are going to buy the lie, we were young once...and hate to say it probably know a hell of a lot more than I would ever want our kids to experience. You can Breath now hon..(Hugs)Indigo

Paula said...

As the mother of two daughters I know the worry. So glad she is safe.

Heli gunner Tom said...

My 2 daughters pulled the same crap on me so that I had a hurtful stomach, grey hair and high BP in my late 30's. I would advise getting them a larger cell phone battery and carrying the cell phone charger with them. Sometimes 'tough love' is better than getting raped and murdered-- and never think that they will use common sense at that age.

Disabled Vietnam Vet: 68-70.

kbear's heart 2 said...

Glad to hear she's safe and that you are the wiser one to guide her. sometimes i think there's not enough tough love going around...Hugz~kbear

The Divine Miss N said...

Ugh. How scary. I am glad she is ok. Hugs to you.

Melissa said...

Thank God it turned out like it did. And good for you Mom for doing what MOM'S DO!!

Chrissie said...

Been there done that. Even though my youngest is in college I still am worrying.
Glad she was okay.
Take care, Chrissie