Thursday, July 23, 2009


The summer starts speeding by after July 4.
After my birthday it careens toward school.
It's been a good one.
I've slept
slept recreationally for the first time in years
Like the Nyquil commercial
I've slept like I slept before I had kids!
I've sat on the Porch watching the sun on the leaves
and prayed with no words
just opened my heart to peace.

There's been nights laughing on the Porch with Tom
we're still finding out new things about each other.

Stephanie's birthday, where the cops came 3 times!

The great Lagoonatic graduation party for Caitlin, Leah, Cass and Ian where I got called down for cheating at beer pong!

Riding down the Causeway with the smell of the delta and the wind in my hair
the top down and the radio up
goin to see David and Judy
and my adorable nieces, great nieces, nephews , great nephews

The party at Katie's where there was
a motorcycle wreck, a Tasar incident
and a wrestling match between me and Mariah
that led to removal of clothing (it's all family)

lots of beach trips
In Florida with the Lagoonatics
Dauphin Island with Eileen, Dell and Steph

too much time on Facebook

good books

visiting Mariah and Terry in their new home
I love seeing the pride they feel

reconnecting with Donna and Ellen
My friends from the time when teaching was fun
and school was a safe place to be
They showed me that friends can always come back

singing in the car with Caitlin
riding on the boat with Gina and Caitlin and her friends
watching Caitlin suddenly grow up
and become a deep spiritual person.

Party on the Porch with my yard full of children
whose parents were once children in my yard
Michelle, Kelley, Katie, Shannon, Justin and their babies

going to the 18th birthday of Stormy and seeing Ava there
part of my family
when they were small
and we fall back into our old ways
where the lines between ages are blurred
and we are all kids
And there was an Elton John imitator there!

It's been a good one!

And I haven't' gotten all the goody out of it yet!


LYN said...

summertime and the livin is easy...

yea baby!!

Dawn said...

Sounds like it has been awesome!!! Good to see you dear, sorry its been so long.

be well...

kbear said...

sounds like loads of fun!

natalie said...

great pictures Marti! thanks!
please come by and comment!